Reliant FCU Fees

Savings Account

Savings Account 
Savings Account Minimum Balance
$5 and account is closed if balance falls below $5 for 6 months
Dormant Account
$10.00/Month if balance falls under $500.00 and member is age 18 years or older


Money Market Account

Money Market Account 
Service $10.00/Month if the minimum balance is not maintained
NSF $28.00/Item
Stop Payment $28.00/Request
Stop Payment Renewal $7.50/Request
Check Printing Prices may vary depending upon style


Checking Account

Checking Account 
Courtesy Pay $28.00/Item
NSF $28.00/Item
Stop Payment


Stop Payment Renewal $7.50/Request
Check Printing Prices may vary depending upon style
Check Copy $2.00/ per image


Business Checking Account

Business Checking Account 
Monthly Service $10.00/Month if balance falls below $1,000.00  and no dividends will be paid


Other Service Fees

Other Service Fees 
Account Reconciliation $15.00/Hour
Account Research $25.00/Hour
Statement Copy $5.00/Copy

Domestic Wire Transfer-Outgoing

Wire Transfer-Incoming



Foreign Wire Transfer-Outgoing $50.00
Official Check


Money Order $3.00/Money Order
Return Deposit Item $10.00/Check
 3rd Party Check Cashing  1.00% rounded up to nearest whole dollar- $15.00 minimum
Address Search $5.00
Incorrect Address $15.00
Temporary Checks $4.00 for 4
Unpresented Credit Union Check $25.00/Month after 180 days
Early Closure $5.00 if account closed within 90 days
Garnishment $75.00
Signature Guarantee

$10.00 Members

Paper Statement $1.00/ Statement Mailed


Electronic Funds Transfers

Checking Account 
ATM Card, Replacement, and Additional Cards $25.00
Debit Replacement or Additional Card $5.00/Card
Foreign ATM Use $2.00/Transaction


Credit Union Membership

Regular Share
Membership Share $5.00 par value


Safe Deposit Box

Box Size Regular Seniors (55+)
3" X 5" $20.00/Year $10/Year
5" X 5" $25.00/Year $12.50/Year
3" X 10" $30.00/Year $15.00/Year
5" X 10" $45.00/Year $22.50/Year
10" X 10" $80.00/Year $43.00/Year
One Key Replacement $50.00
Drilling- Two Keys Lost Cost
All boxes are 24" long, first number is height, second number is width