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Here at Reliant Federal Credit Union we are committed to giving back to our community. We love Wyoming and we want to help make it the best that it can be. We look forward to continuing to serve our communities in the future.

Community Involvement

Learn about Reliant's history and commitment to local community involvement below.

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Over the last several years Reliant FCU has closed our doors for one day a year in order for our staff to work on a service project, perpetuating a "Legacy of People Helping People."

Habitat for Humanity  

Reliant FCU employees helped to build a home for Habitat for Humanity.  Employees hung drywall, nailed up siding, and even built a deck!  The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed serving together!  Thank you to our board for supporting our day of caring and a huge thank you to Habitat for Humanity and all that they do for our community!

Special Olympics 


 Reliant FCU employees helped with the Special Olympics.  Staff had the pleasure of assisting with bowling, soccer, tennis, and cycling.  From cheering on the participants bowling to enduring the cold and rainy weather during cycling, staff worked diligently to ensure a fun and exciting day for all! We thank our Board of Directors for supporting community service!

George Tani Memorial Baseball Field 

Employees of Reliant FCU helped the George Tani Memorial ""Baseball Fields by scraping and painting their bleachers. It was a very warm day and the bleachers heated up quickly. Credit Union employees worked very hard to complete the tasks needed by George Tani Memorial Baseball Field.

Fort Fetterman Project 

Employees of Reliant FCU helped revitalize Fort Fetterman near Douglas, WY.  The building and land are a historical landmark.  The weather was not the kindest to employees as it rained the majority of the day and limited the paint work on the exterior that staffed had hoped to accomplish in their time there.  Nevertheless, staff was able to complete a good majority of the tasks that were needed to maintain the condition of this building and landmark.

Casper Food for Thought Project""

Employees of Reliant FCU helped the Food for Thought Project by scraping and painting their building, building garden boxes, and prepping a garden area. The Food for Thought Project helps to fill the holes in the fight against hunger.  They put together weekend bags that go home with children that may not have a meal along with educating people on how to maintain a cheap healthy diet by growing their own fruits and veggies. 

Casper YMCA ""

 Reliant FCU spent the day helping the YMCA in Casper. There was plenty to do from painting, cleaning, rearranging, and scraping floors. Credit Union employees worked hard to complete all the tasks needed by the YMCA. After- school children arriving at the YMCA couldn't believe their eyes to all the changes that were done.   

Keep Casper Beautiful ""

 Reliant FCU closed all 4 branches to help Keep Casper Beautiful with the roundabout by Summit Elementary School in Casper.  Staff helped lay 4 semi truck loads of sod.  It was a warm day, with wind gusts as high as 60 mph, but staff continued pulling through to complete the project.  Once the sod is completed, the city is planning to build a water feature in the center of it. 

Odd Fellows Building 


 Reliant FCU closed all 4 of its branches for another "Day of Caring" event. This year employees worked in Douglas, WY to help revitalize the Odd Fellows Building. This historic site was in need of many repairs including resurfacing of stucco, new glaze on window glass, caulking and sealing windows, replacing rotted wood around windows, and paint. The Reliant team worked extremely hard while enduring a hot and sunny day with a high of 94 degrees. Together with team-work and perseverance employees helped to secure the future of one of Wyoming's historic sites.

Rotary Park 

"" Reliant FCU closed all 4 branches for another "Day of Caring" event. This year we helped clean up Rotary Park located at the base of Casper Mountain. We began our day cutting and trimming old branches that were taking over the paths. The Rotary Club provided us with all the tools we needed to get the job done. Employees worked hard cutting and pulling branches out of the wooded area's and placing them in a pile to allow for pick up scheduled for another day. We cleaned up trash that had been left behind, moved rocks from the paths for safety, and continued trimming brush and branches from the picnic areas. Our lovely Wyoming weather cooperated for the day only dropping a few sprinkles. It was a fun and hardworking day for all!


Glenrock Senior Center 

""Reliant Federal Credit Union closed all branches  for our "Day of Caring". We had the pleasure of helping the Glenrock Community. The day started with all employees gathering at the Glenrock branch for a meeting and to introduce themselves to their co-workers, as this may be the first time they met in person. We followed the meeting with coffee, donated by Starbucks on 2nd street, and donuts. We arrived at the Senior Center and Barber Apartments about 9:30 ready to start work. The senior center had us cleaning windows, lights and dusting inside the dining area. Barber Apartments had us staining the retaining wall and gazebo, pulling weeds, replanting some flowers and putting up a snow fence. The employees were not the only workers that day, Richard Cannady, a Board Member, showed up to help.


Seton House 

""Reliant Federal Credit Union in Casper Wyoming participated in a Day of Caring. We closed all branches and joined together to help Seton House. Seton House is an organization that takes in single moms and dads who are trying to get their lives back on track. They offer the residence a place to live at a reduced rate, teach them about making low cost healthy meals for their families, get them started looking for a job, and they have other services they provide based on the needs of the residence. When we arrived at Seton House that morning, they had a pile of mulch and sand waiting for us to spread. We needed to clear leaves, weeds, and twigs before spreading the new mulch and sand. Working as a team we accomplished this goal, wheel barrow by wheel barrow and then we were ready for the next project. Our next project consisted of preparing some exterior parts of the main building and office for a fresh coat of paint. When the painting was completed and all supplies were cleaned, our day was finished with a great sense of community pride. It is a great feeling to help our community. We have our Board of Directors to thank for giving us this opportunity.


Special Olympics 

 Reliant Federal Credit Union closed all four Branches to volunteer for the Fall Special Olympic Games held in Casper. The day was filled with handing out awards at all of the events to the participants and the evening "FIESTA" dinner and dance was a huge success planned and executed by the Reliant Team. It was a very rewarding event and fun was had by all!


Douglas Boy's and Girl's Club 

"" Reliant FCU closed all three branches to help the Boy's and Girl's Club of Douglas with a paint project. Employees showed up early in the morning and painted all day barely finishing by quitting time. Nearly every room inside the club got a fresh coat of paint - even the bathrooms. Reliant FCU is proud to be starting a new legacy of service in the Douglas Community.

Rotary's Crossroads Adventure Playground 

""Reliant FCU again closed its doors to help the community. And what a project! We arrived at the playground project early in the week-long build and were separated in to power tool users and non power tool users. Those manning the power tools measured and cut plastic lumber for a number of the playgrounds features. Everyone else moved sand and fill til backs ached! Next time we build a playground, everyone plans to volunteer to be a power tool user! The finished results a few days later made the cold rainy day we were there seem not so harsh. Reliant FCU is proud to have played a small part in the overwhelming success of this community-wide project. Bring the kids and grand kids to play at this entertaining playground and remember your credit union was a part of making it happen.



Act of Kindness- Hospice Gardens

Reliant FCU adopted a Hospice garden at the  Central Wyoming Hospice Care.  Employees worked over 30 hours the summer to pull weeds, plant flowers, and paint gnomes. 




Act of Kindness- Bagging Groceries

""Reliant FCU staff helped bag groceries at several of the local grocery stores.  Community members received a free insulated grocery bag as part of this Random Act.  Follow us on Facebook to see all Acts of Kindness we do in the community.

Act of Kindness- Helping the Homeless

Staff packed bags with water, food, socks, hat, and gloves.  These bags were delivered to the Douglas Police Department, Helping Hearts in Glenrock, and the Central Wyoming Rescue Mission in Casper to be distributed in our community.

Act of Kindness- Backpacks

Reliant FCU employees filled bags with school supplies and delivered them to members in need.  Each backpack also included a $50 gift card to purchase a new school outfit or new shoes for the upcoming school year.  Employees found this Act of Kindness very rewarding!

Act of Kindness- Breakfast

Reliant FCU employees delivered breakfast to firefighters and medical personnel.  This was a big surprise as firefighters prepared for the PAT Test.  A total of about 200 burritos and 4 boxes of donuts were delivered between Natrona and Converse County. 

Act of Kindness- Raking Leaves

 Reliant FCU employees got together, picked a street in big tree area, and raked leaves for as many houses as they could get to in one day. The employees of Reliant FCU who participated, had a great time helping members within the community prepare for the snowy season. All in all, they were able to complete 5 lawns that day and they enjoyed every minute of it!

International CU Day- Free Coffee

 Reliant FCU participated in International Credit Union Day. Reliant FCU partnered with coffee shops in Douglas, Glenrock, and Casper and bought coffee for everyone who came in within the 2-hour time slot they were serving. The employees of Reliant FCU who participated in this event had a great time working with the coffee shops and catching up with community members.


Act of Kindness-Window Washing

The Senior Management team at Reliant FCU teamed up and washed the windows of every car that came into the credit union that day. This took place at all 4 branches and was completed over the course of 3 weeks. Our Senior Management team enjoyed getting out of their offices and their daily routines to switch it up and do something different for our members.

One Million Penny Challenge

Reliant FCU hosted a One Million Penny Challenge to help raise funds for the Children's Miracle Network. Reliant FCU employees helped educate and enourage members to donate their change in support  of the Children's Miracle Network. By the end of the  8 weeks, Reliant FCU members raised a total of $1291.77, with $340 donated online, and $5,000 was donated by Reliant FCU. Together we were able to donate a total of $6,291.77 to the Children's Miracle Network.

Downtown Day of Discovery

Reliant FCU hosted a scavenger hunt in downtown Casper for all community members to come and enjoy a few hours with some friends and family. Once the hunt was completed, we announced 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners as well as many raffle give-a-ways.

Stuff the Van 

Reliant FCU employees helped with a local toy drive to provide Christmas presents to children that may not have a gift on Christmas morning.  During the 5 day event, many presents and monetary donations were donated from local     citizens. 

Food Drive

Reliant FCU employees helped with a local food drive during the Thanksgiving season to ensure that no one goes hungry.  Citizens of the community helped to fill several shopping carts with Turkeys and other Thanksgiving fixings during this 1 day event!

Color Me Hungry 5K

Reliant FCU hosts a 5K run/walk in Douglas,WY to raise funds for the Kings Portion. Ninety runners entered the event and helped to raised $2,298.00 for this charity.

Food For Thought Project

Reliant FCU makes a $1000.00 donation to the Food for Thought Project in Casper. The Food for Thought Project works as a solution to the holes in the hunger safety net. They work with existing programs and organizations in our community to help fulfill their mission.  The first program they launched was the weekend backpack program that helps ensure children in need have food over the weekend.

 Community Shred Day

April 20, 2013-  Community Shred day is sponsored by Reliant FCU.  Powder River Shredders visited each of Reliant's branches, offering members and the community free shred service.

Reliant Helps D.A.R.E

 Reliant FCU helps D.A.R.E by purchasing a bowling lane in their fundraising efforts.  The bowling lane was then donated to the Big Brothers Big Sisters program in Casper to enjoy for the day!

Patti Sorenson Memorial Scholarship

Reliant FCU develops a scholarship in honor of its EVP Patti Sorenson through Casper College.  The scholarship will be awarded to a music major as Patti herself went to college for music.  Donations to the scholarship are welcomed and may be made to Reliant or directly to Casper College Foundation.  The credit union has pledged to give $1000 to the scholarship each year.     

Relay for Life Walk

Team Reliant raises a total of $1,369.42 for the Relay for Life.  The team was honored to have SVP Patti Sorenson walking.  The theme of Reliant's booth was "Brave".  We thank everyone who made this weekend such a success.  Together we took a stand against cancer!  


Stuff the Bus

Reliant FCU hosts Natrona County School District's "Stuff the Bus" campaign. The mission of the campaign is to stuff the school bus full of school supplies for children in need.  The school bus spent time at both the Landmark and Plaza locations as our members helped us Stuff the Bus! Bins are also located at both Casper branches for donations through August 10th. 

Piggy Banks

Reliant FCU donates piggy banks to Converse County Library for their summer reading program.  Children that successfully complete the program will receive a bank along with other items.

Totes for Hope

 ReliantFCU attends a fund raiser for the "Totes for Hope" program sponsored by the Rams of Glenrock. Started by two Glenrock High School students, the program has grown over the past couple years and this year it is expected that they will help 100 children in need.  Reliant FCU is proud to sponsor 10 of these children for an entire year with a $1600 donation to the Totes for Hope program.  The program ensures through volunteers and donations from the community that no child goes hungry. 

Relay for Life

Staff puts together a team for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. Huge efforts are made to raise funds including a Facebook campaign where people can post their "Cancer Kicking Shoes" on to the credit union's Facebook page and the credit union would donate $5.00 for every photo uploaded.  The campaign is scheduled to run through July 23rd.  Team members also pledged to raise $100 each on their own.  The credit union's SVP Patti Sorenson, currently battling cancer herself, is scheduled to walk with the team in July!

CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates)

Chief Operations Officer, Kristi Grant, is sworn into CASA of Natrona County.  The vision of CASA has been to assure that every child who is removed from their home and placed into state custody due to abuse and/or neglect can be assigned a CASA advocate who will foster and provide stability to them and be their voice and express their best, most appropriate needs.


HR Manager, Susan Minotti, donates time for the Make-A-Wish foundation.  In Wyoming about 30 wishes are granted each year which help to strengthen and empower children battling a critical illness.  Volunteers like Susan work with families to determine a child's one true wish and help to make that wish come true.  

Meals On Wheels

Jenny (Landmark Loan Officer) delivers Meals on Wheels. For the past 2 years, a group of employees have taken turns driving each week for Meals on Wheels. Summer warmth or winter cold can't hold our employees back!