Reliant FCU offers a full array of account services to make your financial life easier. Whether it's prepaid credit cards, ATMs, or online banking, we can help you manage your money so you can focus on other things.

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NetTeller Online Banking

Anytime, anywhere access to your money

Banker’s hours are now anytime you want them to be! Manage your account on your terms—Reliant’s FREE NetTeller online banking service keeps you in touch with your money anywhere you have web access. Transfer funds between accounts, make loan payments, name your accounts, and see if checks have cleared—quickly and easily. No teller lines. No hassle. It’s easy to sign up!

NetTeller is a great tool to aid in balancing your check book register but does not always reflect pending charges or checks that have not cleared the account. To ensure the most accurate balance it is highly recommended to record every transaction in your check book register.


View, download and print account statements securely online

Did you know that almost 85% of identity theft begins with a stolen paper statement? Sign up for Reliant’s eStatements and receive your account statements electronically. Your statements are securely archived inNetTeller online banking, and you’ll receive an email alert when your latest statement is ready to view. No statements sitting in your mailbox.

Plus, you’ll receive your statement faster and reduce paper clutter.

Sign Up

To enroll for eStatements, log in to NetTeller and look for the eStatement enrollment option.

Bill Pay

Easy, flexible way to pay bills

Save time, stamps, and checks, and simplify your bill-paying with Reliant’s FREE online Bill Pay. It’s another free feature of Reliant FCU’s NetTeller online banking.

Enter all your bills at once, and set them up to pay automatically each month. Or choose when and how much to pay with a just a couple clicks! It’s flexible, easy, and best of all, FREE!

GoDough Mobile Banking

Access your money on the go

Need to manage your Reliant account? There’s an app for that! Go Dough allows you to view and manage your accounts, check balances, transfer funds, make loan payments—and even pay your bills with optional Bill Pay. It’s the easiest way to stay in control of your money when you’re on the go, plus it's completely FREE!

To sign up for GoDough, you must be signed up for NetTeller (Online Banking).  Once you are logged into NetTeller select the Options tab.  From there click on Mobile Settings.  On the mobile web setting page check the box to enable web access and enter your wireless phone number.  Select your cell phone service provider from the drop down list and then check the box for the accounts that you want to have access from your mobile device.  Hit the submit button and you'll go to the verification page.  Here you just need to verify your mobile phone number, your cell service provider, and the accounts you want to access.  Read through the Mobile Banking Agreement and check the box to accept the terms and conditions. 

Now that you have enabled GoDough through your NetTeller Account, visit the Google or Apple App store and search for "Reliant FCU".  Download the app and start enjoying GoDough!


Not set up for NetTeller?  Sign up today by clicking the button below.






Audio Response Phone Banking

Touch-tone access anywhere you need it

When you need quick access to your account information from anywhere, try Reliant’s Phone Banking system. All you need is a PIN number to check balances, transfer funds, and see if checks have cleared with just a touch-tone phone—24 hours a day. It’s the perfect option when you’re on the road, or don’t have reliable or secure internet access.

To access Audio Response dial 307-234-1633

If you do not know your Audio Response access code or password, please contact our eServices department at 307-234-1429.




Overdraft Protection

Three ways to avoid overdraft charges

Let's face it—we all make mistakes at one time or another.  Overdrawing your checking account, no matter how it happens, can be a huge hassle. Excess fees from both your financial institution and the merchant are one thing—the embarrassment is another.

At Reliant FCU, you have three options for protecting your checking account (and your pride) against the occasional overdraft. You can choose one, two—or all three, depending on your needs, and ensure that your checks are never returned unpaid.

Option 1: Automatic transfer from savings

The first option is the simplest and least expensive: Set up your Reliant Share Savings account as your overdraft protection. We'll automatically transfer funds from your savings to cover any non-sufficient funds transactions. The limit is 6 total electronic transfers per month from a savings account per federal regulations. But you won't pay any NSF fees or transfer fees.

Option 2: Overdraft Protection Loan

You can set up a Reliant Personal Line-of-Credit Loan to cover any potential overdrafts on your checking account. We'll transfer funds from your loan to cover any overdrafts up to your credit limit. Although you'll pay interest on your loan balance, this can be an affordable way to cover any occasional overdrafts on your account.

Option 3: Courtesy Pay

Courtesy Pay is another optional service for paying overdrafts on your account. If you choose to enroll in Courtesy Pay, we'll allow your account to go into the negative up to $500 ($1,000 for business accounts). A $28 Courtesy Pay fee will be assessed for each non-sufficient item.

Although this is more expensive than the other options, Courtesy Pay can help you avoid merchant returned-check fees.

Other features of Courtesy Pay:

  • You must be over 18 to enroll
  • You must have checking account for more than 30 days and at least $500 in deposits ($1,000 for business accounts)
  • You must be in good standing on all loans
  • You need to return your checking balance to positive within 30 days of the first instance of Courtesy Pay to avoid account closure and/or collections.
  • If you have other overdraft protection, Courtesy Pay will not be used until these services are exhausted.

To learn more about any of these overdraft protection options, we're happy to help. Just stop by your local Reliant FCU branch, or call 800-329-1551 for more information or to get set up.

Coin Counting Service

It doesn’t sound like much, but other financial institutions take a percentage cut every time you use their coin counting machine. We don’t. So go ahead and bring in your kid’s change jar or those loose coins from the couch cushions. We’ll count it for you while you wait, and deposit it right into the account of your choice.

In-House Check Printing

Save time and money on your check orders. We can print your checks right here at the branch. It’s easy and less expensive than online check ordering.

The credit union offers 6 basic styles that we can print in house for $12.50 a box for all members.

Order your in-house checks over the phone at 800-329-1551 or at a branch.

Click here for other check ordering options

Legacy Checking accountholders can receive one of the following check styles for free.

Wildlife Series

Other Check Styles

Notary Public

Every Reliant FCU branch has Notary Publics on staff to help you when you need a signature notarized for an important financial or legal transaction. Notary Public Service is offered at no charge to all Reliant FCU members.

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